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Why The Shepherd's Staff?

People Matter: “What’s Your Story?”

Context matters. You and your organization are here for a purpose, and we want to understand your story. Since every person you add to your team will affect your culture, we want to understand the story of each prospective candidate. We are often told by candidates that the process was much more important to them than they had imagined. We start by listening. Carefully. Everything that happens in a search process reveals something that will become important. We are experts at putting candidates at ease so that you can have the most effective search process possible while vetting your candidates as thoroughly as possible. Since our work is a reflection on you and your organization, we are careful to represent you with integrity.

Expertise: “What Do You Need?”

When you work with The Shepherd’s Staff, you work with a dedicated team of professionals who truly do the work to “get” you. We are a combination of church leaders, staff members, professional recruiters and project experts all with a gifting of discernment and dedication to you, your church and your projects. We are leaders, just like you are. We will build a relationship with you that goes way beyond a staffing transaction. You will know that we have your best interests in mind as we partner carefully and faithfully with you to help you hire staff.

Flexibility: “What Makes Sense?”

While we recognize that all searches contain the same basic tasks, they aren’t always accomplished in the same order or with the same intensity in each situation. We take the time to learn about what has and has not worked for you in the past, and we craft a process with you that makes sense in your context. We don’t believe that one size really fits all. We approach each search with the idea of giving you the assistance that you need without overwhelming you with things you don’t. After meeting with you, we may even advise that you do not need all of the services we offer. We will listen, ask great questions and come to conclusions with you…not for you.

How The Shepherd's Staff Can Help You

Manage The Entire Search Process

We are able to handle your entire search process (retained search) from the realization of need through onboarding the new staff member. This includes:

  • Discovery of the opportunity, including an on-site visit and creation of an Opportunity Profile
  • Identifying, attracting and engaging candidates through successfully marketing the opportunity
  • Helping you manage your search process to your expectations
  • Thoroughly vetting candidates you accept into your process
  • Assistance with the hiring process, onboarding strategy and implementation

Assist In Your Specific Needs

This may include simply identifying qualified resumes and/or vetting candidates, reference checking and assessing strengths and weaknesses of candidates for your position. Our desire is to help you with the parts of the process in which you need the most help. We don’t want to give you more…or less than you really need. One size doesn’t fit all!

Coach Your Hiring Team

We are happy to provide coaching to your team including the setup of a good search process, interview coaching, communications coaching, reference checking and even sourcing candidates. You may not need all that a search firm has to offer, but you can still benefit from our experience in this way.

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