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Candidate FAQs




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Churches hire us to help them with their staffing needs. We don’t
charge candidates for the work that we do for and with them.

Our consultants will guide you through a thorough interview process that will help us understand you and your unique calling. Most of our candidates tell us that the process is very clarifying and encouraging for them. You will likely encounter multiple interviewers on our team. Our Opportunity Profile will give you a search overview. Our consultants will be sure you understand next steps at each stage in the process.

After several discussions with the Shepherd Staff team, if you are still feeling led toward the opportunity, and if we are able to consider you a qualified candidate for the position, we will introduce you formally and on video to the church. Each church process is somewhat unique, but we will guide you through the steps in the church process. We are always here to answer your questions and keep you focused on the process as you discern this particular opportunity.

Yes, especially if you are applying for a teaching or music-related role. Media samples are part of a church’s evaluation process. We will also review your media samples. Feel free to make us aware of any concerns you may have in this area. We are assuming that you are reviewing the media from any church for which you are applying.

You can and should apply for any positions for which you are qualified and interested. Our consultants can help you focus on the most applicable opportunities.

Your candidacy and your interactions with us are kept as confidential as possible. We are very careful with your information. As the search goes on, there will be a point at which keeping your candidacy confidential is no longer practical. That point is different in every search, but it is most certainly toward the end of the process. Each situation is different, so we encourage you to openly discuss your thoughts and concerns with us as we engage.

The Shepherd’s Staff has been in operation officially since 2007. However, our President, Greg Allen, has been helping churches hire since 2002. Our founder, Jim Nutt and one of our consultants, Darrell Whipple, began staffing for churches in 2003. Greg and Jim worked for several years in corporate staffing prior to that.

Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds including full-time and part-time church ministry, church leadership and strong business experience. All of us are committed to leveraging our gifts to serve you as you make the best staffing decisions for your church.