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the story of shepherd staff

The Story
of Shepherd Staff

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Shepherd Staff was formed in 2007 when Greg Allen (President) joined Jim Nutt (Founder) to rebrand Jim’s staffing company. Greg and Jim had worked together for five years previously in church staffing, and they wanted to create a staffing firm that was truly relationship-focused, emphasizing quality over quantity.


Since the firm’s earliest days, a number of other key staff have been added to the team. Our staff is composed of both ministry and executive search veterans. We believe that the search process can be done in an excellent manner as we, our clients, and our candidates stay true to our governing values.


Our staff is committed, both as individuals and as a team, to being as useful and unique as a staff is in the Shepherd’s hand so that He is able to empower you and your church through our service



In addition to the individuals listed here, our team consists of a wide network of associates and affiliates that partner with our lead consultants on every search. This allows us to reach deeply into every denominational and ministerial niche in order to connect with as many potential candidates as possible.


 Our consultants, associates, and affiliates have significant church ministry experience and are able to leverage that expertise to help you discover a greater quantity and quality of candidates than what is normally possible.


We would be honored to speak with you about how our highly skilled team consistently provides exceptional results for our client churches.

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Meet the Shepherd Staff team of professionals.