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Retained Search

In a retained search, we conduct the national search for your candidate, thoroughly vet all top level candidates, coordinate the interview process and help you onboard the hired candidate successfully. The search fee is typically paid in three or more installments, based on various benchmarks we establish with you. A retained search includes a complete Discovery Assessment, the creation of an Opportunity Profile and formal reporting to your team regarding our efforts.

Contingent Search

At this time, we are not offering a Contingent Search option. This may change at some point in the future as we are currently working on an option that we feel will serve our client churches well.

Discovery Assessment

A Discovery Assessment is a series of meetings between you and one or more of our consultants where we seek to understand and successfully translate the opportunity at hand as well as your context. These meetings take place by phone, video conference and ultimately a personal visit over a long weekend. We interview everyone associated with the search, certain staff and others with an eye to creating a search profile and an Opportunity Profile.

Opportunity Profile

An Opportunity Profile is a multi page document created to convey your opportunity in an accurate and compelling way. It will include information you supply to us and our observations after visiting with you personally. The goal of the opportunity profile is to provide prospective candidates the information they need to determine their interest to engage the process.

Training Your Search Team

We can provide consulting services to your search committee regarding best practices, help you design a healthy search process and coach you through interviewing skills and techniques. We are happy to provide any information that will help your team operate in the most effective way possible.

Help With Releasing People

We are available to provide resources and coaching to staff members who need to be transitioned, no matter the circumstances. We will interview them as candidates, work with them in their job search process, assist with resume presentation and provide interview coaching. We will offer feedback to them that will help them as they find another position.

Vetting Your Candidates

Candidate Identification is only one part of a search process. Once you have interested candidates, you must evaluate them to determine their suitability for your position. We can help you here with this critical part of the process. Using a third party, objective outsider to manage this process is a wise move that will leave the internal discernment part of the process with you. We will personally interview the candidates and provide written reports for your consideration along with thorough reference checks.

Succession Planning

Succession planning and replacement planning are not the same thing…not at all! Replacement planning (ie search) is an important aspect of an overall leadership transition process, but there is much more that goes into it. Because of this, we designed our succession planning service to help your team understand what goes into developing a holistic succession planning strategy. Once you understand the areas that need to be accounted for, we help your team design a succession planning strategy that fits your specific context.

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