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Step One

Pre-Search Process

In the Pre-Search phase, we work through a Discovery process with you that includes an on site visit and interviews with you, staff and other stakeholders. We seek to learn all we can about your specific context, the nature of the position and the desired qualifications for candidates. We also learn your process and commit to the specific process steps and lines of communication we will use to manage the search with you.

We Start With Discovery

Demographic Analysis

We do a demographic analysis which helps us better understand the context in which you minister.

On-Site Visit

We will come visit your church because it allows us to see your culture in action.

Interview Your Staff

It is important that we interview your key people (both paid employees and volunteers) in order to have more insight into what it means to be an effective member of your team.

Step Two

Search Process

In the Search phase, we will work with you to identify all of the best platforms for promoting the opportunity. This could include websites, job boards, social media, church and parachurch organizations, seminaries and other organizations. Based on the information that we gather from our search we do a few things: we advertise the opportunity and respond to all inquires about it, personally contact possible prospects in our database, seek referrals and continue to research new possible prospects, personally contacting them to gauge interest in the position. As candidates are identified we begin to interview them, educate them on your opportunity, and introduce them into your process. We manage the logistics and keep you and the candidates informed on the state of the search. You are updated regularly on all aspects of the search.


We will work with you to choose the best platforms for promoting the job openings you are looking to hire for.


Possible Candidates are identified through 3 primary sources:

  1. Inquiries from advertising efforts
  2. Our current pool of possible candidates
  3. Proactive research to identify additional prospects


Regular “Pipeline” meetings will keep you up to date on the candidates that are being vetted.

Step Three

Post-Search Process

This phase continues until it becomes clear to you, the candidate and us that you have a true finalist candidate, at which point our effort goes to helping you finish the process. The Post-Search phase then begins. We help you negotiate all of the details of the formal offer and assist in clarifying transitional issues. We help you set up a clear plan for the first year in an effort to ensure long term success.

Finalizing the Process

We walk you through the process of negotiating the formal offer as well as setting the formal start date.

365 - Follow Up For 1 Year

We work with your new staff member in their first year with you as a way to ensure their long term success and to make sure that you both feel that the transition goes well.

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